About us

Make shopping for renewable products safer and easier. We've helped thousands of UK homeowners find affordable, reliable installers, guiding them into the transition to renewable energy.

Our Story

Okay so we’ve had renewable heating on our radar for quite some time… The typical search for an installer this day and age isn’t usually too bad… as long as you avoid a sub par install and don’t get over charged - a decent installer is usually just some clicks and 10 phone calls away, right?

But here’s the thing, a couple clicks and 10 phone calls for us could potentially be a hundred clicks and a hundred phone calls for somebody else. As we all know good and well, any industry where there are government incentives, a swarm of salesman, entrepreneurs and questionable contractors attack and prey on home owning bystanders, selling their products promising XY & Z and delivering, well drivel.

After our long experience, sieving through the inexperienced installers and the overpriced entrepreneurs, we finally managed to get ourselves a great installer for an Air Source Heat Pump, just in time actually as our boiler was on it’s last legs.

From our experience, long search and eventually a good job, we set a goal to ourselves to add simplicity & a sprinkle of trust into the industry.

So there you go, that's the tale of Polar Bear Compare.

Jack L Wood,

Why You Should Choose Us

Experience Peace of Mind with the Polar Bear Guarantee
Save Time

Instead of searching through the internet, contacting different Heat Pump installers, hoping that they aren’t terrible or too expensive, you only have to Polar Bear it once and you’ll instantly get booked straight into multiple of our well trusted installers, all of which have the Polar Bear Guarantee.

Save Money

No more getting way over charged for your heat pump or solar installs, we say you should never buy off your first quote as you don’t have a reference to what a good price is, that’s why getting 2-4 heat pump quotes through Polar Bear, you get 2-4 different price points to consider

Get the Polar Bear Guarantee

All of the Installers we work along side have to go through a strenuous process, in which they’re vetted and quality tested by our Director himself, Jack L Wood. This to ensure all of the customers who go through Polar Bear get the best prices , service & quality of install in all of the industry. That’s the Polar Bear Guarantee