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Stephanie Stevenson is the group director of HNB Salons, based in Sandbanks, Poole - better known as the south coast’s millionaires’ playground, as it boasts some of the world’s most expensive real estate.

With over 20 years hairdressing experience, working with some of the industry’s leading names before striking out on her own, Stephanie’s bespoke approach to her customers, and staff, means she is one of the most respected names in hairdressing in the country.

One of only 200 invited members of the Fellowship of British Hairdressers Association, she is courted by celebrities and the media alike for her skills and advice.

When Stephanie saw that there wasn’t a genuine salon-standard hair extension product on the market, she decided to take the plunge and use all her experience and credibility to create an affordable salon-quality alternative, resulting in Salon Confidential…

Why did Stephanie create Salon Confidential?

Most customers are nervous of bonded hair extensions; they want them, but are scared of the damage they might cause. They are frightened by the price and unsure if they will be able to style them, plus there is always the question ‘where does the hair come from?’

So when I first decided to create Salon Confidential extensions I already knew the majority of customers’ fears and problems. When watching a customer try to manage a full head of hair extensions for the first time, I found this often led them back to the salon week after week to let the stylist look after them as the client simply couldn’t.

I chose our unique material, modafibre, after showing the samples to 40 hairdressers and finding that no one realised it wasn’t real hair! Then I knew we were onto something that no one else was providing. Long hair is my passion, my ‘signature’ as a stylist therefore I know and understand how to create a beautiful, sexy, lushious look. My favourite style has to be special hair, for example bridal hair, the red carpet look and celebrity styling. I’m lucky enough to have worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world and the one thing every one wants its long thick lush hair. By using all this experience, the fall and style of the extensions emulate real hair.

I was extremely frustrated as a stylist with the long wide extensions that clipped in as a strip resulting in the line of your own hair just hanging, like a hat over the top, this is not how hair works or how hair falls. So Salon Confidential’s extensions are designed to blend even the bluntest of bobs and they do seamlessly.

I am so proud of our extensions and know the rapid growth has been purely for the price quality and result, after all, where else could you buy a full head of natural looking, easy to use hair extensions for only £45??

We are now seeing Salon Confidential used back stage by some of our biggest hairdressers, on TV in programmes such as Hollyoaks, on stage photo shoots and fashion shows! You are seeing your favourite celebrities wearing them and you don’t even realise, week after week the craze is growing and the secret is spreading, “these are simply amazing” is the comment I get sent to me the most.

But I created these for you the customer, not us the professionals, even though hairdressers are hot footing to Dorothy Perkins and we are getting daily calls from salons asking ‘where can we buy them’, you don’t need to go to a salon, you can buy them yourself and create the glamorous look you’ve always wanted.

I just know when you receive your set of salon confidential extensions you will be thrilled, when you put them in it is like having your hairdresser at home with you. All the styling and finish has been done, you just simply clip and go!!!!

So no more fears no more concerns here is finally a product that delivers more than you could ever have hoped for.

Be fabulous
Steph xxx